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The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Art and Artifact Collection holds immeasurable value for transforming how students learn. Through years of alumni and general donations, the district’s collection of paintings, drawings, ancient artifacts, rare books, and historical photographs has grown to more than 50,000 pieces. Artscape utilizes these important works of art and history to promote student engagement inside the classroom and beyond.

Artscape also opens broad public access to the collection for the first time ever. We are pleased to showcase The First Fifty works of art and ancient artifacts, and invite you to visit the site often as we exhibit more of the collection and provide a growing number of educational resources for teachers and students nationwide.

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The Arts Consortium, a project of Community Partners, is a nonprofit consultancy focused on arts-integration and community engagement as measurable ways to improve academic success. We leverage our partnerships with local schools, educators and our region’s leading cultural institutions to develop tailored solutions that prepare students to be life-long agents of change in their communities.Learn more…


The mission of LAUSD’s Arts Education and Creative Cultural Network Plan is to devise a forward thinking program that is collaborative, sustainable, and accountable for results – one that will carefully manage all resources to create more arts education opportunities and creative cultural experiences in reach of every student and their families, both inside and outside of the classroom. Learn more…



Click the video above to see how an interactive workshop developed by the Arts Consortium for ArTES, an LAUSD magnet school, demonstrates for parents how integrating different art forms into classroom instruction can engage and inspire their students. Observe parents experience the same instruction given to their students in a variety of common core classes – but through the lens of improvisational dance, classical music, graphic design and other art forms. Arts integration provides a novel tool for teachers to communicate classroom material in a way that is not simply top-down or listen-repeat. It opens a forum for students to think critically about different perspectives in core subjects, making it an effective tool for eliciting deeper student participation and enhancing academic success. Watch the video>>

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LAUSD and The Arts Consortium are continually expanding their ties to leading cultural institutions in the Los Angeles area to ensure that its arts integration programs deliver innovative and sustainable opportunities to enhance student success. Visit the links below to learn more about our partners.




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